Colette Van Sertima

Colette Van Sertima

A close up of Colette Van Sertima. Her hair is partly covering her face. She has a piercing in her right nostril.

Colette Van Sertima is a multi-talented singer, song writer, and chart-topping performer. You may not instantly recognise Colette’s face, but chances are you have danced and sang along to one of her many dance anthems. Paul Burston once wrote in Time Out Magazine “In the faceless world of DJ culture, here’s one guest vocalist who won’t remain faceless for long”.


Colette’s ability to sing only came to light as a teenager when she landed the leading role of Cinderella in a school performance. To the total astonishment of everyone present, including her parents sat in the audience this powerful voice just emerged from nowhere and literally brought the house down. With the encouragement and support of her music teacher Colette’s journey into the world of music and performing had well and truly begun.


At the start of the 90’s Colette found her creative soul-partner in Will Mount, and they wrote and produced several tracks together. Will would go on to form Gloworm with Sedric Johnson and have a few UK chart hits as Gloworm. Meanwhile, Colette went on to join forces with Rolland Armstrong (Rollo) & Rob Dougan. Their first collaboration was as The OT Quartet and their first release with Cheeky Records “Hold That Sucker Down” peaked at Number 24 in the UK National Charts in April 1994. The success of this single lead to many club and festival appearances where Colette would be joined on stage by her unforgettable dancers Darcy & Venus Mantrap, and no one could ever forget that oh so powerful voice, so loud that you could probably hear it now if you put your ear to this page.


A further collaboration followed this time with renowned DJ & producer Sister Bliss and in September of 1994 they released “Can’t Get a Man, Can’t Get a Job (Life’s a Bitch)”, to critical acclaim. It went on to became one of the most defining International Gay Anthems of the 90s. Colette especially remembers performing at the legendary Hacienda in Manchester, and over 2000 (mostly men) singing along to “Can’t Get a Man, Can’t Get a Job (Life’s a Bitch)”. It went on to reach Number 31 in the UK Charts, and was a Number One Club Hit across Europe, and it even achieved both club and chart success in Australia.


The collaboration with Sister Bliss continued into 1995 when they released their second single together “Oh! What a World” in July securing another Top 40 hit. 1995 was also the year that “Hold That Sucker Down – Remix 95” was released and went straight to Number 26 in the UK National chart, giving Colette her FORTH UK TOP 40 HIT in a row. Sister Bliss & Rollo went on to form and perform as Faithless with the late Maxi Jazz.


Colette continued to perform at festivals, and clubs around the world. It was after the release of “Big Boy” in 1997 that Colette took the hard decision to pursue a highly successful career in Local Government, a complete change from the music industry. But never one to ignore her inner creative side Colette continues to put pen to paper and has concentrated on her song writing abilities.


In 2004, the late and great music legend Tina Turner chose one of Colette’s songs “Open Arms”. Tina Turner performed this live on tour, it was included on Tina Turner’s “All The Best – The Hits” album and was released as a single by Tina Turner. It went straight into the UK charts at Number 25 in November of 2004.


Colette Van Sertima is a brilliant singer, and her vocals are respected industry wide. When Colette is on stage her performances are legendary. This year will see the long-awaited return of that big hair and that even bigger voice to live performing. If you’re looking for a performance that will have you jumping up ‘n’ down with joy and singing along to every word, then look no further than the amazing Colette Van Sertima.

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