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Mary Kiani surrounded by blue and pink lighting.MARY KIANI is a Scottish singer, who first had hit songs as a vocalist with the Time Frequency (TTF) in the early 1990s and later as a solo artiste in her own right as Mary Kiani. Before TTF, Kiani was a session musician and has toured with Donny Osmond and performed vocals on The Simpsons’ Yellow Album.


“Real Love”, TTF’s only top 10 hit on the UK Singles Chart, peaked at No. 8 in November 1993. Other charting singles with Kiani were “New Emotion” No. 36, and “The Ultimate High” / “Power Zone” No. 17. Hit singles for the group without Kiani were “Such a Phantasy” No. 25 and “Dreamscape ’94” No. 32. After leaving the Time Frequency, Mary Kiani signed a solo recording contract with Mercury Records. She topped numerous club charts and her early singles all made the UK chart. When I Call Your Name made No. 18, the double A-side release I Give It All To You” / “I Imagine peaked at No. 35, and was followed into the charts by the cover of Let the Music Playwhich reached No. 19. Her fourth release 100%, her last single to be remixed by Motiv8 was another hit at No. 23, and With or Without You peaked at No. 46.  All the singles were taken off her album Long Hard Funky Dreams.


Having re-located to Sydney in Australia Mary Kiani re-emerged with an Australian only single “Wrap You Up” in 1999, released on Jam Records. She contributed a cover of the Jennifer Holliday track “No Frills Love” to a few dance compilations, the main ones being The 2002 Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Official CD and Gayfest 2003. She is still a popular performer on the LGBTQ+ circuit. She returned in 2006 with her album, The Sydney Sessions”, which initially received an Australia only release. The album became available on iTunes, alongside the 2005 remix of “Let the Music Play”. She toured Australia in support of the album, including a performance at the 2006 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi GrasShe recorded a cover version of “After All I Live My Life” for Frankie Miller‘s tribute album, which was released in 2003 on Eagle Records. Mary Kiani toured Australia during 2007, as well as giving birth to her second child. The single “Anything Is Possible”, was released in October that year, through the Pumpin’ Media UK label.


Mary Kiani has recently experienced a resurgence in popularity with some of her back catalogue having been re-released, beginning with her single “100%”, which appeared on Japan’s We Love Tech Para: Mission Style II.

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