Shanie/Alex Party

Shanie/Alex Party

A close up of Shanie/Alex Party with swept hair, in motion as though dancing.

Shanie grew up in London and started writing poetry from an early age, it was at school she began to put her words to melodies. Shanie’s professional singing career started through session vocalist work, she soon found herself working with the likes of Soul City Orchestra, Nigel Lewis, Marshall Jefferson, Cut Father & Joe, Womack & Womack and Dina Carrol.


In 1994 Shanie became the vocalist/writer of the international dance act Alex Party. Produced by the brothers Paulo & Gianni Visnadi and DJ Alex Natale. The product of their first project with Shanie, “Don’t Give Me Your Life”, was snapped up by London Records. There can be little doubt that Shanie’s talent helped push the track to No 2 in the CIN Charts, and in 1995 the band received the prestigious Club Record Of the Year Award at the Music Week Awards.


“Don’t Give Me Your Life” remained in the UK top 10 for 9 weeks and was a hit all over Europe. Subsequent Alex Party releases include house classics “Wrap Me Up” (no 17 UK pop charts) and “Read My Lips”.


During the mid-90s Shanie toured extensively throughout Europe performing in Russia, Estonia, Turkey, Ibiza, Canada, France, Italy, Holland, Germany, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Germany, Jersey, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Dubai, and all over the UK amidst great critical acclaim.


She continues to regularly gig throughout the UK and Europe to date.


In 2006 Shanie was signed to AATW as they embarked on re-releasing Don’t Give Me Your Life which went straight to No1 in all the club charts.

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